A summary of projects completed and under construction by observing runtime

  • Construction of special machines for all goods Industry Bureau only manufacturer of thermocouples and sampling in Iran From 1375 to 1394

      1- Automated injection plastic piece of copper wire
      2- Automated bending and cutting of quartz glass
      3- Automated Press thermocouple sensor in a cardboard tube
      4- Vibration, vacuum thermocouple sensor
      5- Automatic winding machine cardboard tube
      6- Saab machine rolls of cardboard
      7- Automated cartridge assembly samplers submergence
      8- Automated cutting cardboard tube in different sizes
      9- Wireless devices now have the ability to pass the rejection of platinum wire with a diameter of 0.05 mm inside diameter quartz glass tube is 3.1.
      10- Machine automatic production of pressed cardboard tube in three types and lengths of 210 cm
  • Construction and installation of conveyor transfer hundreds of meters of ground cover and wheat flour for Development of Flour Milling Machines odor current and Iran Year 1375

  • Design and construction of two mixers for silver concentrate on the respiratory capacity of 20 cubic meters Year 1376

  • Construction and installation of automatic assembly machines Draper Drip Player connection to Year 1376

  • Development and construction of gas cooling in power plants by Fogg under the direction of increasing the production capacity From 1381 to 1393

    1- Six gas stations Rey
    2- A petrochemical unit in Mahshahr
    3- Two units in Karaj
    4- Two units in Qazvin
    5- Two combined cycle units in Qom
    6-Two units in Karaj
    7- A gas station in Gachsaran
  • دستگاه پانچ نمونه بردار جهت آنالیز گاز به سفارش فولاد اسفراین سال 1384

  • Construction of milk collection and lenses oxygen injection From 1385 to date

  • Lancer four-wire interface module for use in Iran Alloy Steel and steel Esfarāyen Year 1385

  • Spindle diameter of 620 mm with a length of 4160 mm for rolling power transmission line beams National Iranian Steel Group Year 1385

  • Making lists Astrandr devices for cable factories Year 1385

  • All parts needed to build specialized melting and rolling processing industry include: From 1385 to date

    1- Foot Roll
    2- Rotary axes
    3- Side Guide
    4- Rollers
  • Production of special valves and fittings Stainless Steel From 1385 to date

  • Design and Construction of transmission axis GWB German companies and MAINA Atalya standard flange sizes 60 to 1080 mm lengths on demand From 1385 to date

    Has a history in Iran Alloy Steel, National Iranian Steel, Khuzestan Steel, Yazd Hadid steel, steel Natanz, Azerbaijan steel, steel Bardsir, rolling partners, Steel auxin, Mobarakeh Steel, Steel anymore, Lorestan steel, steel Vian, the company NEBRAS pump.
  • Construction crane wheels 630 of 300 firm order Firouza Year 1386

  • Troll construction hoist 20 tons Order now TNF Year 1386

  • Construction of annealed copper wires for cable factories Year 1388

  • Design and manufacture of gear couplings Gear Coupling Company in accordance with the models Flender-Maina from 1388 so far

    Has experience in all industries melting and rolling and cement
  • Construction extrusion laminated PVC insulated cables Year 1388

  • Design and construction of external removable media system to increase capacity V94.2 gas turbines in power stations passion to below From 1390 to 1395

    1- Combined cycle power plants - Kerman 6 unit
    2- Combined Cycle Power Plant - 2 units Zavareh
    3- Combined Cycle Power Plant - 2 units of Damavand

    Removable media includes automatic air conditioning

    Pump Station Water Supply

    Soft Water Treatment Equipment

    Water storage tanks

    Stainless steel filter cartridges

  • Rotary Joint build size 2 " From 1390 to now

  • Installation of anti-collagen cranes rolling lines and Astkrhay materials in order Mobarakeh Steel Year 1392

  • Paint Thickness Gauge installed and commissioned by Mobarakeh Steel Galvanized Year 1393

  • Repair and reconstruction of four Joint fix a diameter of 1080 related to the steel plant auxin (the largest Iranian car axis) From 1393 to 1394

  • Production of special valves and fittings Stainless Steel Year 1394

  • Install Profile confusing and fear drive commissioned the design and construction of Sheba Steel Year 1394

  • Design and construction of two automatic Lance thermocouple and sampling for the secondary metallurgy Iran's Mobarakeh Steel Plant (under construction) from 1394 so far